General Edit

  • Added the map Canyon which brings us up to a total of 4 maps
  • Added pets to the game, you can now get a companion!
  • Added a cool loading screen
  • Added a pop up system to provide more feedback to the players when servers are full, there is no internet and so on.
  • Server browser menu now updated with new art and better sorting.
  • Added maintaince message system so you will not get a 30 min warning before servers go in to maintaince mode.
  • Added game icon.
  • AFK players will now be kicked from the servers after a short period.
  • Added missing ambient sounds
  • Added a custom mouse cursor
  • Added a credits menu

Heroes Edit

Cornelia Edit

  • Lightning bottle is now much more responsive when you use it to rocket jump

Bugfixes Edit

  • Fixed a bug where the ingame music would stop looping after a while.
  • Fixed a bug where it would some time look like your account had been reset even though it had not.
  • Fixed a bug where Kill Effects would not always default to the one you most recently purchased.
  • And lots of other small bugs were fixed and the network security have been improved